Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This could be dangerous...

Over the weekend I visited my first ever specialty yarn and fabric store, and I have to say.. my wallet is in trouble I'm in love! The store is Stitch Your Art Out and located just outside of State College, PA. I found the store through facebook and finally decided to go check it out. The yarn selection was beautiful, although the store was fairly small, there was such an array of yarn weights and materials... I have a feeling this will be my new shop for knitting projects-- buhbye Walmart and JoAnn! (And buhbye all my money!)

I've started a new cowl (yes-- another cowl) with these two Berroco yarns. I'll post some photos once I get a little further along with it!


  1. I started to like my finished knitting projects a lot more when I started buying nicer yarn... but I also started spending too much money on yarn!

    I made a scarf out of Ultra Alpaca and it's gorgeous - but really itchy. You might want to test out part of your cowl or a swatch on your neck for a while and make sure you'll be able to wear it next to your skin.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I didn't swatch it but i have a few inches done and so far doesn't feel itchy/uncomfortable.. hopefully it'll stay that way!


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