Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Other Obsession... Re-emerged

Let's face it, as much as we try to not let social media take over our lives, it does. I've come to terms with this, and instead of fighting I will embrace social media that is actually interesting and can teach me some new things. Cue Pinterest. I joined pinterest last year after my roommates forced me to and at first didn't have much interest in it.. but that changed quite quickly. I was soon addicted, pinning recipes and wedding ideas during my class lectures instead of studying for finals. Like all other media trends, I soon forgot about pinterest and moved on to focusing on the summer, the new school year, friends, family, etc. But recently I've rediscovered pinterest and my love for it is at full throttle. Lately I've been pinning a lot about weddings (because what girl doesn't love thinking about that day?), different appetizers (because I LOVE to cook), and of course creative knits.

Loaded spicy spinach mushrooms

Brides maid dresses

Pinterest has inspired me to try so many new and interesting techniques for knitting and I can't wait to complete the long list of ideas that keeps growing day by day...

Big Herringbone Pattern
Patons Classic Wool Free Hat Pattern
Heart Heel Socks

What are some of your latest pinterest finds?

Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY: Knitting Labels

Over the past year I've enjoyed making many knitted things for myself as well as friends and family, but whenever I gave anything knitted as a gift something felt missing. I've created these two PDFs for homemade knitted tags. Download the PDF, print, cut them out and voila! Adorable tags with a homey feel. Print on rustic paper for an even more personal touch.
Click here

Click here  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This could be dangerous...

Over the weekend I visited my first ever specialty yarn and fabric store, and I have to say.. my wallet is in trouble I'm in love! The store is Stitch Your Art Out and located just outside of State College, PA. I found the store through facebook and finally decided to go check it out. The yarn selection was beautiful, although the store was fairly small, there was such an array of yarn weights and materials... I have a feeling this will be my new shop for knitting projects-- buhbye Walmart and JoAnn! (And buhbye all my money!)

I've started a new cowl (yes-- another cowl) with these two Berroco yarns. I'll post some photos once I get a little further along with it!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Finished Chevron Cowl

Just in time for this windy and sub-zero February is my knitted Chevron cowl! It's knit on a reverse stockinette with two worsted weights knitted together (cream and stone) alternating with a bulky sky blue Lion Brand yarn. Because this is so thick it knitted up really easily, and I especially love how you can see the zig zag pattern on the light blue portions.

Here's a few close-ups...

Right Side...

...Wrong Side

Overall this was a fun knit, the pattern is a 6 row repeat so you'll never get bored-- and alternating colors adds a nice twist! Instead of breaking the yarn when changing colors I just carried the spare yarn up the side of the work which turned out great! The pattern for this cowl can be found here :) I repeated the 6 rows 4 times and then changed colors. Enjoy!