Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Quick Knit...

Seeing as the high for this week was 11°F (and about -5°F all week with windchill-- I kid you not!) I put aside my chevron stitch cowl and knitted up a quick, comfy and warm scarf that only took about 4 hours total (I was also speed knitting, determined to have it in time for walking to class the next day). This is a great knit for cold weather because the scarf is very wide, which covers a lot of your neck and face, and the lace allows your skin to still breathe. This also makes a great last minute birthday present-- I made one for a friend over Thanksgiving break and she loves it!

I used a combination of purse lace stitch and garter stitch to knit this beauty up. The purse lace stitch is just P1, *YO, P2Tog; rep from * to last St, P1 (must CO multiples of 2-- I COed 28 stitches).

Thanks Susan for modeling :)

I used dirt cheap  inexpensive Red Brand worsted weight yarn in plum for this scarf. Although Red Brand has gotten a bad rap for being scratchy and uncomfortable I found that pre washing it with shampoo really helps soften it. 

Start out the scarf with garter stitch for 4 rows and then switch to purse lace; add in 4 rows of garter stitch whenever you get bored of knitting purse lace  want to aesthetically enhance the look of your scarf. 

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  1. I'll have to try a scarf like this sometime! I've never made a scarf that took less than three months...


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