Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to KFB and SSK

Back to Basics :: Day Six

Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep up with my goal of one post a day, final exams are next week and I've been really busy with school work. BUTTTT to make up for it, I'll be posting twice today :) Most basic patterns usually call for knitting and purling, but as you start taking on more difficult patterns, many will call for increases and decreases. Today I've decided to explain two techniques that I found very hard at first to do. One is the knit front and back (KFB) which is an increase stitch, the other is the slip slip knit (SSK) which is a decrease. A lot of the time patterns will call for easier methods such as yarn over and knit two together, but I've decided to post photo instructions on two methods that aren't always well explained.

Increase Method: KFB

Note: you only need one stitch to work this increase.

Start by knitting into the stitch.

Instead of slipping the stitch onto the right needle and off
the left needle like usual,  keep the stitch on both needles.

Being careful not to let the stitch off your needle, knit into the same stitch on
your left needle again but on the backside of the stitch.

Knit that stitch and then slide the 2 new stitches onto your right needle.
You have now increased from 1 to 2 stitches!

Decrease Method: SSK

Note: you will need to work with two stitches for this decrease.

Slip one stitch off your left needle purlwise to the right needle.

Slip the next stitch just like the previous.

Insert your left needle downward into the two stitches you just slipped.

Wrap your yarn around the right needle and knit the two stitches together.
You now have one stitch!

SSK and KFB can be two intimidating methods, the letters alone make it sound complex but if you take your time and think about what you're doing I promise this is a sure way to increase and decrease your stitch counts!


  1. I love the back to basics series you're doing! Do you think you could do an instructional on like M1, M2, M3 etc? BTW I loooovvvee your nails! :)

    1. Hey Jordyn! Glad you're enjoying it! I've already started writing my "day seven" (final back to basics) post but I'll be sure to post next week about make ones. And as for the nails, they're pinterest inspired... scotch tape can be a girl's best friend ;)

    2. I also love pinterest! I'll be looking forward to more of your posts!


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