Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Knit the (Double Yarn) Seed Stitch

Back to Basics :: Day Five

For today, I will be demonstrating the seed stitch, knit with two yarns at once. Knitting with two yarns at once is totally optional, I just like how the white and purple contrast each other for the little knots the stitch creates.

Tip: New to knitting with multiple yarns? When knitting with two yarns at once, hold both colors together and treat them as one string.

To start, cast on any even number of stitches (if you are knitting with two yarns, just hold them together as you cast on so they both are placed on the needle).

I casted on 16 stitches. Use any even number.

Row 1: *K, P*

Start the row by knitting one.

After knitting one, purl one. 

Row 2: *P, K*

Simply repeat these two rows for the entire length of your piece. 

After a couple rows it will start to look like this....

Tip: Put down your needles mid-row and can't remember which stitch is next? Look at the next stitch on your left needle, if there is a bump on the look, KNIT; if there is no immediate bump, PURL (note this is opposite of usual knitting rules).

This pattern creates a great thick piece that's full of texture. I'd recommend this if you're making a washcloth or scrubby pad. 

This pattern creates lots of little "seed" bumps.

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